From Flames to Flying: My Journey From Rock Bottom to Freedom 0_o

From Flames to Flying: My Journey From Rock Bottom to Freedom 0_o

Hello world!

I'm so excited to be launching this new chapter - welcome to my shopify store! This marks the beginning of a new nomadic lifestyle for me as I work to heal, grow and figure out my path in this world.

After going through some extremely challenging personal situations over the last few years, I finally feel ready to crawl out of those circumstances and start living life on my own terms. A huge part of this journey for me is diving back into my passion for art. This shop will be a place for me to share both my own digital and physical artistic works, as well as feature pieces from the many talented artists in my local community.

Beyond that, I'll also be documenting my travels and experiences as I attempt to embrace a location-independent nomadic life. I plan to travel around seeking inspiration, making connections, learning new skills, and working on myself. My goal is to live freely, create abundantly, and find joy and purpose along the way.

Eventually, I want to learn blockchain coding so I can mint my digital art into NFT collections and tap into that world as well. But for now, I'll be offering limited print runs of my art so you can have it in your home and as a way to support me on this journey.

I intend for this shop and blog to be a totally transparent look into the challenges and triumphs I face as I redesign the life I want for myself. I hope my story and creations uplift others who may feel stuck or in need of encouragement too. This is sure to be an amazing adventure - I hope you'll follow along!

Please feel free to reach out with any questions and I appreciate all the support!

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