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Offgrid Outlaw Essentials

Green Sandalwood Wooden Hair Comb | Offgrid Outlaw Essentials

Green Sandalwood Wooden Hair Comb | Offgrid Outlaw Essentials

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Whisper secrets to your tresses with our Green Sandalwood Wooden Hair Combs 🌿💀✨

In a world where plastic reigns supreme, dare to be different with a touch of ancient elegance that your hair will thank you for.

Why make the switch to wooden combs, you ask? Let the spirits of the forest enlighten you:

- Static Schmatic: Bid farewell to the curse of static electricity. Our wooden combs ensure your hair doesn’t stand on end as if struck by a ghostly presence.
- Gentle on Your Precious Locks: Glide through knots like a phantom through walls. These combs are kinder to your hair and scalp, reducing breakage and the nightmare of hair loss that is more likely to haunt those who use plastic.
- Natural Oils’ Best Friend: Unlike plastic, which is as soulless as a vampire’s gaze, wood helps distribute your hair’s natural oils from root to tip, ensuring every strand is bewitched with its own luster.
- Eco-Friendly Eternal Rest: In the afterlife of your comb, rest easy knowing it returns to the earth, leaving no trace behind, unlike its immortal plastic counterparts.

Transition to a wooden comb and join the ranks of those who breathe life into their locks with nature. After all, in a world where the unnatural reigns, be the natural rebellion.

Product information:
Material: Green sandalwood
Production process: Grinding
Surface technology: Polishing
Color: May vary from photos 


A: Argentine green sandalwood with a fine tooth comb

B: Argentine green sandalwood with a wide tooth comb

C: Argentine green sandalwood half moon

D: Argentina green sandalwood small half moon fine teeth

E: Argentina green sandalwood small Wooden comb with coarse teeth

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